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Cartier Calibre Diver Series Gold Case Cheap Fake Diving Watches UK

When the original Cartier Calibre super clone watches UK came out , I was sure to point out the sporty/dress lifestyle nature of the design. Now, with the Calibre Diver , Cartier takes that sense of sport even further with a version of the Calibre specifically meant for diving. So would you take this Cartier Calibre ref. CRW7100052 (aka W7100052) in solid 18k rose gold diving? Neither would I, but they do offer a steel version if you feel that submerging your Cartier in ocean water is a good idea. So why does the watch exist?

Let’s first start with the premise that most luxury watch brands love the idea of having sport watches, and this is by no means a first for Cartier. This is merely the latest in a long line of high-end timepieces meant to suggest a sporty lifestyle even if the owner’s idea of going diving is just a dip in the pool. Rolex’s Submariner started life as a professional dive watch, but today is something that is so much better made than the original, but also an item that its owners are much more inclined to baby.

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In my opinion, the situation is very similar with the Cartier Calibre Diving fake watches. In theory, you have a 300m water resistant dive watch but in reality you have a luxury SUV whose owners aren’t keen to take it off paved roads. As a luxury toy, it is certainly satisfying, especially for those who want to combine high design and maintain a degree of manliness. While you might take a different position on the matter, it is true that most Western men feel that dress watches are too boring to wear on a “casual basis.”

When Cartier officially debuted the Cartier Calibre Diver, aBlogtoWatch went hands-on here, earlier in 2014. There you can see hands-on images of the steel version as well as this 18k rose gold version. Why are we reviewing the gold version when this is meant to be a sports watch? Well, first of all, I think that the black dial mixed with rose gold case is very striking, and second, I feel that since this is a luxury lifestyle sports watch, why not take the luxury element all the way.

One of the interesting things about the Cartier Calibre Diver is that, in many ways, it is little changed visually from the standard “Calibre de Cartier” timepiece. Even the prices between similar Calibre and Calibre Diver watches aren’t that different. So what are the major differences? It really comes down to two things: the rotating diver’s style bezel and the increase in case water resistance. Otherwise, selecting between the Cartier Calibre and the Calibre Diver is going to be a matter of personal style and preference.

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I’ll state right here that in my opinion, the cheap fake Cartier Calibre watches (the entire collection) is the Cartier men’s watch to get right now. It offers the most modern design of the others, an in-house made movement, great size, and appeal of a Cartier with a sportiness that many people are looking for today. Of course, with my love of dive-style watches, I am inclined to say that the Cartier Calibre Diver is the best choice, but let’s look at the details a bit more.

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