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Imitation Cartier Watches – Dazzling Time And Again

A strong idea, says Pierre Rainero, isn’t static. Not ever. Strong ideas pave the way for new creative expressions long after they are conceived, maybe even generations after. This, he says, is one of the core tenets of Cartier replica watches, which has guaranteed the longevity of the brand and the loyalty of it’s clientele since it was founded 170 years ago, in 1847, in Paris, France.

“Ideas are strong when they open doors to other ideas. The strength of an idea relies only on it’s capacity to do this,” he says, with a glint in his eye that could match the many bejewelled creations of the brand.

cartier founder
cartier founder

Rainero, who is the image, style and heritage director at Cartier, was alluding to the Replica Ronde Louis Cartier XL flame gold watch, one of the stunning new timepieces presented by the maison at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Geneve (SIHH) in Geneva, Switzerland three weeks ago.
The watch boasts a rather traditional white gold canvas framed with a bezel of baguette-cut diamonds. But a glance at the dial will knock down any notion of this being, in any way, shape or form, a traditional timepiece.

The dial showcases a brand new technique called flamed gold, originally a method of manually heating the hands and screws of a watch to a shade of rich blue to harden and strengthen the components. The technique is the same but the results go beyond fortifying components here.

Cartier applies the technique first on the watch’s solid gold dial, which features the engraving of a panther’s face on it. Various degrees of heat are used to achieve different nuances of colour on the dial. First, a very high temperature is applied, resulting in a deep blue. Then, parts of this layer are brushed or engraved further before the process is repeated, with a slightly lower heat, to get a lighter shade of blue. This process is repeated many times in different temperatures until the mens cartier replica watches and the panther are immaculately shaded – the head of the panther in softer shades of beige and brown against a brilliant blue backdrop.

It’s a painstaking process, Rainero admits, but one that will be revisited by the maison in the future.

“This is what I mean by a strong idea. This technique will open doors to many other interpretations (in the future) even though it is particularly relevant in this piece in depicting the nuances on the head of the panther. It’s not like anything else and we are really pleased with it,” he says with obvious pride not just in the Ronde Louis Cartier piece but the heritage of Cartier the maison which he has been a part of since 1984.

“We have enormous pleasure in what we do. We all feel a sort of pride and honour to be able to work within a house like this. At the same time, the weight of responsibility is huge as what we do now will not just be judged today but also in the future,” he explains.

Fake Ronde Louis Cartier XL
Fake Ronde Louis Cartier XL

Another timepiece that drew gasps when presented to the media at the show was the Panthère Joueuse de Cartier, a playful piece featuring the signature panther which was a motif first introduced by Cartier designer Jeanne Toussaint in the early 1900s.

This piece is just pure delight – elegant, bold and playful all at once. A diamond-set 18 carot white gold panther sits as the centrepiece on the pitch black dial and appears to be in pursuit of a ball – a large diamond representing the hours. There are no hands on this watch, the panther’s paw (as it chases the ball) represents the minutes and when it actually catches the ball, an hour has passed. It’s dazzling (255 diamonds were used for cat alone with black lacquer spots and two shaped emeralds to form the eyes), it’s cool and ingenious. The watch is powered by the in-house Calibre 9918 MC automatic movement with a 48 power reserve and is housed in a 40mm white gold case paved with 320 diamonds and fitted with an alligator strap. There is also a version with a pavé bracelet.

Also a crowd pleaser was the panthère de cartier replica series, originally introduced in 1984 and another classic representation of Cartier. The Panthère de Cartier is a volume collection with multiple references and price points which is something that will surely be appreciated in the current market.

The design is exactly the same as the original – a square case with screws on the bezel, Roman numerals, a railway track index and a discreet Cartier logo on top.

The line which was discontinued in the early 2000s, is now resurrected as a full collection in three sizes with a pave version, a lacquer and pink gold version and a yellow gold version.

“I am very happy to bring back the Panthère. It is a very beautiful and strong design … so strong that we didn’t need to make any adjustments. We did consider it but we decided it is just right the way it is. I think that shows you how proud we are of this watch,” says Rainero.

A stand out is definitely the new pink gold and lacquer version which from afar looks like the spots of a panther but upon closer inspection is very modern and geometrical in its alternating squares.

Rainero and his team had toyed with the ideas of bringing back the Panthère for a few years but this year, he says, it felt right.

Panthre de Cartier Replica
Panthre de Cartier Replica

“We saw signs around us. Clients who had decided to wear it again or daughters who were taking it from their mothers’ collections. We began to see more of it on social media too which was an indication that it was (getting more) popular.

“But really, it was more a feeling than a thinking. We wanted a fake cartier women’s watches just for ladies this year that was a cross between a watch and a piece of jewellery. This is it … it is perfect. Strong but also feminine with it’s curved, round shapes. Creation is always that … part thinking, part feeling,” says Rainero, adding that the response to the reintroduction of the Panthère so far has proven that their gut feeling was spot on.

Introducing The Ronde Louis Replica Cartier Xl Flamed Gold Plated Ladies Watch

Cartier announce their latest Métiers d’Art timepiece ahead of SIHH 2017, which brings a whole new craft into the maison’s knowledge set.

Here’s a TLDR tip for those of you who don’t need an introduction to fake Cartier watches – skip ahead to the last five paragraphs for details on the new watch. There’s a bit of a refresher course directly ahead. All good? Let’s go.

I’m a pretty big fan of Cartier’s Métiers d’Art timepieces, especially when they venture into something a little different. When I first started writing about watches in 2010, the decorative dial arts were comprehensively represented in the Cartier range – mostly the ones we’re familiar with, such as enamelling, mosaic, marquetry, all that kind of stuff.

Cartier replica Métiers d’Art timepieces
Cartier replica Métiers d’Art timepieces

Not long after that, Cartier began going into the lesser-known branches of these established techniques. Grisaille enamel, for example, which layers blanc de Limoges (an opaque, viscous white enamel blend) on a black base to create startlingly three-dimensional chiaroscuro images. Plique-à-jour enamel, which holds panes of translucent enamel in delicate frames for a stained-glass effect.

Unusual materials, such as straw and even flower petals, were incorporated with dials using refined marquetry techniques and were characteristic of Cartier’s hunger to master a growing range of expertises (a trend also seen in their technical cartier tank louis yellow gold original diamonds quartz watchmaking department).

In 2013, Cartier went a step further and started resurrecting artisanal techniques which had long fallen out of mainstream use and resided in the hands of only a few traditional craftsmen – if any at all. The Etruscan craft of creating images from tiny gold spheres and the art of gold wire filigree were introduced into the Cartier Metiers’ d’Art collection in consecutive years.

For the 2017 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), Cartier are increasing their store of rare artisanal crafts by one, using the technique of heat-painting.

It’s a somewhat metaphorical term, because there isn’t actually any paint involved. We’re all familiar with blued steel – steel components that are heated until their outermost layer oxidises, creating that deep blue hue that has come to indicate performance and quality in our eyes. Oxidation occurs in stages, and different levels of heat result in different colours.

fake Cartier XL Flamed Gold Watch
fake Cartier XL Flamed Gold Watch

The dial of the replica ronde louis cartier watch uses this principle to form a varicoloured representation of the brand’s signature panther. The gold dial is first evenly blued over its entire surface. The bits of the design that are to be another colour are painstakingly scraped off by hand – you’ll recall that the bluing treatment is only superficial and can be removed by mechanical means. The dial is then fired at a lower temperature, so that the blued surface remains unaffected but the newly exposed metal is oxidised to the temperature-controlled colour. The dial is thus coloured in with multiple stages of firing, each at a lower temperature than the last and with new areas exposed before each firing.

It sounds straightforward in principle, but I have no doubt it is anything but straightforward in practice. I’m thinking here of my experience this recent Christmas, of attempting (insanely) to make gifts for my family based on misleading Pinterest craft projects that looked relatively simple to assemble but were basically one giant 10-hour-long pain in the ass with hot glue burns and joint pain. So much for trying to be sweet and caring and substituting effort for money – I legitimately hate Pinterest now.

With heat-painting, if you miss one colour out, too bad, you can’t just go back and fill it in; you’ll mess up all the subsequent colours of cartier 18k yellow gold ronde louis cartier watch that come in at the lower temperatures, so you’ve basically screwed up. Like any other successfully executed artisanal craft, heat-painting requires a metric ton of pre-planning and patience, more than we common mortals possess and these artisans have nothing but my utmost respect. I’m looking forward to checking it out in a couple weeks at the SIHH. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know how it went.