Super Clone Cartier Crash

Hands-On Cartier Crash Skeleton Leather Strap Hollow Out Fake Watches For Men

Want Cartier hollow out super clone watches that is almost guaranteed to become a fascinating collector’s piece somewhere down the road? Then you might want to take a close look at what is destined to be a unique and rare treat from Cartier. I am, of course, talking about the 2015 Cartier Crash Skeleton, which adds a new men’s version of the famous crash watch to Cartier’s venerable stable of modern timepieces.

Leather strap Cartier replica watches UK.

It was back in 2012 that Cartier decided to relaunch their odd Crash collection (for women). Odd because, well, it is. The story of the Cartier Crash watch is one that I spend more time discussing in that article I just linked to above. Cartier (perhaps understandably) doesn’t market the actual creation of the watch with as much transparency as I think collectors deserve. According to Cartier, the Crash was a simple byproduct of the 1960s in “Swinging London.” That is technically true, but the more gruesome reality is far more interesting.

The organic, melting look of the blue second hand Cartier Crash fake watches are no accident. It actually does represent a melted watch – a Cartier that was in a burning car crash and the “deformed” watch was all that survived of the wearer. Cartier decided to actually produce watches based on the melted watch which became the aptly named “Cartier Crash.” Some of the late 1960s Cartier Crash original watches are still around, and I think they would make for very interesting collectors’ models.

Originally a men’s watch, in 2012 when the Cartier Crash was reintroduced, it was as a women’s watch, complete with a lovely bracelet and diamond decoration in all 18k white or rose gold cases. Quirky and unique, the Cartier Crash remains a polarizing design cherished by some and mocked by others. It does have a special intrigue to it, and while I am not sure if I could be a Crash wearer, there is a definite attraction I feel toward the look of the case.

Blue second hand Cartier fake watches UK.

While the 2012 Cartier Crash watches for women are a bit smaller at 25.5mm wide by 38.45mm tall, the 2015 Cartier super clone watches UK are designed more for men in mind with a larger case – as well as a skeletonized dial and movement. For 2015, in a solid platinum case, the Cartier Crash Skeleton is 28.15mm wide and 45.32mm tall (thanks for being so specific with those measurements, Cartier). This doesn’t make the Crash huge by any means, but added size and especially height help make this unique creation a bit more masculine again.

While I am writing this article about the watch, our David Bredan is the one seen wearing the Cartier Crash Skeleton watch in the images. You can see how it doesn’t look too small on the wrist and the proportions remind me of how a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso looks. I don’t know if I would wear the Cartier Crash Skeleton with short sleeves, though, as that might make it appear on the smaller side.

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