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New Replica Cartier Pantheres et Colibri Leather Strap Watches UK

In Cartier, jaguar’s image and spirit everywhere.Whether concrete or abstract, leopard with exquisite mysterious face always add enchanting temperament for Cartier works.In new Cartier Pantheres et Colibri super clone watches UK, a puma in the company of a hummingbird ease.

replica Cartier watch
Leather strap Cartier cheap fake watches.

This scene really fascinating…Gently press on the chain crown, a small leopard leap from mother’s arms, stir to prance gold-plated hummingbirds fly wings.Show in front of our eyes, it is the power of this watch store display function.

Pantheres et Colibri on-demand power reserve display wrist watch, 18 k platinum fake Cartier watches rhodium plating watchcase, 314 are round brilliant cut diamonds, diameter 42.75 mm, round bead shape crown set with a diamond, 18 k platinum rhodium plated dial, 11 are round brilliant cut diamonds inlaid, 18 k platinum rhodium plated leopard-print 270 round brilliant cut diamonds, pear-shaped cut leopard of emerald eyes, black paint spots, 9915 MC type machine core, sapphirine crystal and table back, 30 meters waterproof, black alligator leather strap, 18 k platinum rhodium plating can calibration type folding clasp, 43 round brilliant cut diamonds inlaid.

Gently press Pantheres et Colibri on-demand power reserve display on the wrist watch chain crown, the face plate that has a small leopard head leap from her arms as a dynamic display of the hummingbird moves to the right power storage location, show in front of watch primary.

Dial screen delicate and touching, decoration simple elegance, on a black background with bright diamond, soft grass blowing in the wind.Bezel studded gleams of diamond replica Cartier watches UK, compared with the dial is clever.Fur leopard silhouette stereo lively, adorned with diamonds and black paint spots.New type 9915 MC movement through the chain on the height of the hummingbirds fly up to display the remaining time.Cartier exert great ideas, interprets the advanced watch maker in the form of special poetic complex function, vividly presenting the leopard mother-child snuggling sweet scene.

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