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For a long time, the price of luxury goods strategy is very careful, however, since last year, a watch prices experienced a barrage of adjustment, said in a news release today since May 2, Cartier blue balloon series super clone watches of precious metals will reduce the price, drop from 4% to 10% range, after that, I consulted, people familiar with the matter, really have reduction plan established that Cartier, but it has not announced specific dropped prices range and the table, but blue balloons of precious metals is adjusted.

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According to domestic given name watch dealers, this pricing is only in view of the blue balloon Cartier stainless steel case fake watches UK of wrist of precious metals, including jewelry, watches and K gold wrist watch, involved 70 styles, reduction of up to 10%.Just at the beginning of this month, which is on April 1, the other parts of the wrist watch brand to watch China very very for the rise in price, range is very small, basic is controlled in 1% to 5%, and involves the watch is not much, then there is rumored richemont is part of the table of the price adjustment.As the market continued to cool, the price adjustment is commonplace, but did not think of, Cartier price relates to watch a lot of, but involves a series of only one, and it is considered the most popular series.

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Prices for consumers, however, it is a good news, after all, the country began to control cross-border electric business platform and channel and imported articles issued under the background of the new tax policy, buy watches the most secure way to still purchase watch at home, of course, everyone knows the price of domestic after 2015 years of price increase for many times, many new Cartier fake watches have obvious price decline, but relative to the abroad, prices are still on the high side, so brand price cuts on behavior, is a kind of encourage and good for consumers.After all, in the domestic purchase watches can enjoy more convenient service to more than the foreign, at least after the problem more secure.

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