Super Clone Rotonde De Cartier

Replica Cartier Rotonde DE Cartier Astromysterieux Series Black Leather Strap Watches UK

Cartier super clone unremitting pursuit of breakthrough in the field of advanced tabulation, ten years creating 43 brand new machine.To implement this achievement in such a short time, it serves to show Cartier vision in the advanced watch maker area.Now, a new model for the meter – Rotonde DE Cartier Astromysterieux wrist watch luxuriant appearance, show the endless charm of Cartier advanced watch maker again.It is impressive unforgettable Cartier replica watches UK.

More than one hundred years, Cartier will be mysterious aesthetic apply astonishingly…All this should speak of from the mysterious clock.Mysterious clock is a “mystery”, because of its made of platinum and diamond pointer as suspended on the transparent clock body, no connection with the movement.As 1925 fashion magazine La Gazette du Bon Ton “, the mysterious clock is a “miracle” in the history of clocks and watches, is Louis Cartier and outstanding master Maurice Couet, the crystallization of the sincere cooperation of 1885-1963.In 1912, the first mysterious clock was born, and was named Modele A.

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9462 MC movement replica Cartier watches UK.

Rotonde DE Cartier Astromysterieux replica watches, 950 palladium watchcase, 43.5 mm in diameter, crown round bead shape, set with a convex circular sapphire, 9462 MC type machine, waterproof 30 meters, a black alligator strap with 18 k platinum can calibration type folding clasp, reference price about NT $5850000, the number and limited release 100, otherwise trapezoidal cut diamond bracelet design.

Announced Cartier Astromysterieux wrist, carrying with the pointer of the axis of rotation escapement system.Cartier mysterious aesthetic had begun a new chapter.Everything is exquisite structure.Mysterious movement became apparent, almost like a dangling floating in the crust.In order to achieve a stunning visual effect, the movement of gear space to reduce as much as possible.

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Cartier 9462 MC type movement replica watches UK workshop refined manual mechanical movement on the chain, total 39 mm in diameter, thickness of 5.90 mm, each movement framework method of diameter of 17 points, that is 38.20 mm, ruby bearing number 25, machine core parts of 408 (including 188 ball bearing) and balance wheel vibration frequency of 21600 times per hour, power storage at least 50 hours, pick up Astromysterieux, mystery of the tourbillon, balanced by the escapement system balance wheel, the main gear group and a box spring, once an hour.

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